Unpopular Vestigial Structure

Science classes from middle school up to the second year of university, popular science books, and many internet sources cling to cliche examples. Don’t talk to me about the bottleneck effect and use cheetahs as an example–just don’t.

If you’re a complete nerd like me and constantly prowl for something new to learn, finding a source with fresh illustrations and without resorting to journal articles or children’s trivia (seriously, why are Zoobooks still the best way to learn something neat, quick?) means more than you can explain.

Fortunately, YouTube is the ever growing-in-sophistication source that feeds my knowledge hunger. Today SciShow came through as I perused the archive and found a video on vestigial structures.

No, I’m not talking about Hank Green’s cuddly appendix. I’m talking about goosebumps.


One thought on “Unpopular Vestigial Structure

  1. Ok I must be getting nerdy. I enjoyed this and did not know that 35% people born today are born with no wisdom teeth; I find that interesting and want to further investigate???? Thanks for sharing.

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