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Welcome to Chestnut Leaf Media!


Utilizing the blogosphere to learn how to communicate about the biosphere–now there is an idea. I am subconsciously a professional student in the fields I love most, broadly defined as biology, geography, agriculture and the creative media. More pronounced interests within those topics include ecology, environmental geography and equines…so apparently I have a triple ‘e’ thing going on for this blog. Not to say I will not through in looser geography topics like travel and history now and then.

My horse, Seriff.

The name ‘Chestnut Leaf Media’ I derived from the history of the American chestnut tree and equine and paper symbolism. The American chestnut was a reiterated story in my biology classes. It was a “cradle to casket” tree, logged to be fencing, housing, furniture and crafts back in the day when everyone chopped their own wood. It also made up 25% of trees in the east. It was almost obliterated by the Chestnut Blight, caused by a fungus that was introduced with an Asiatic chestnut species, and intensive logging. In addition to the name, many horses are a red-ish color called chestnut, and “leaf” can also mean “paper” and represent writing.

My cat, Thirteen.

In non-cyberspace realms I go by Leah Markum. I have lived in British Columbia, Colorado, Arkansas and Ontario, but currently reside in Arkansas with three cats and a horse (all rescues, and I cannot take on anymore.) Assuming the neighbor’s slanting chimney does not break off and collide into my bedroom while I sleep, I will put my bachelors degree in biology and minor in agricultural communications to various freelance adventures.

Warning: I love plant ecology.

I have a home website for works and news as well as a freelance portfolio at this website.


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