The Morbid Countdown of the Last Northern White Rhinoceroses

I grew up reading Zoobooks, and one of the earlier editions I received I immediately loved more than most. Sure, the dolphin one taught me the word ‘ecology,’ and if I was a zoologist I’d probably study bats or some kind of ungulate, but there is one odd-toed ungulate issue that stood out: the rhinoceros. … Continue reading The Morbid Countdown of the Last Northern White Rhinoceroses

Chipmunk in Clover Patch

#Project365: April

Another month of Project365 has gone by, and a little too easily. By that I mean I find more subjects for photos than there are days to take them and time passes swiftly, but I have been putting more time into editing. This is a good thing, as I used to not bother with more than a … Continue reading #Project365: April


The Tick Eater

To some people, the warming of the season and growth of green vegetation means some sort of glorified, golden sun with trim lawns and swimming. I don’t know. I’m guessing. Well, when I lived in Colorado it was something like that, plus mosquitoes. Not in Arkansas. Here the onset of spring means a countdown to … Continue reading The Tick Eater