Introduction to the International Year of Sustainable Tourism and Development

Few entities in the universe have perpetual growth. Ecology and economics are not immune to destruction and depression. The beauty of sustainable tourism and development is that humans make the choice to not plunge into a dystopian future and instead take logical and ethical steps to balance highs and lows in the future. In 2015 … Continue reading Introduction to the International Year of Sustainable Tourism and Development


Wilson Park: Dogs, Flowers and Fungi (Oh! The Fungi!)

Deep oak and hickory wood laced with purring creeks and rocky rubble beckons me, but most days they must wait, as getting out of town to the nearest decent public hiking area requires twenty minutes--more than one can afford on a working day. Instead, I often opt for a five-minute drive (to avoid crossing a … Continue reading Wilson Park: Dogs, Flowers and Fungi (Oh! The Fungi!)

Upper Waterton Lake

#Project365: September Road Trip

In September my mom and I took to the road and drove from the southeast end of the Great Plains to Okanagan Valley, the land between the Coastal and Rocky Mountains in the Pacific Northwest. That is a lot of driving and we couldn't spend more than 11 days total when visiting my grandmother, but at … Continue reading #Project365: September Road Trip

Where To? Grand Tetons

All This “Get Outdoors!” Talk

June is National Great Outdoors Month, June 13th is Get Outdoors Day, and apparently there's a National Trails Day, a National Parks Week, a Fishing and Boating Week...well I haven't traveled anywhere exotic lately, but I grew up on road trips. When I lived in Colorado we usually drove to Utah, Arizona, Nevada and even … Continue reading All This “Get Outdoors!” Talk

research logistics

Planning a Research Trip

I always wondered how is it that scientists travel to parts of the world often very few other people get to go to. One of my former professors, a plant ecologist and mycologist, traveled to Ascension Island. That is in the middle of the southern Atlantic Ocean, one of the most remote locations in the … Continue reading Planning a Research Trip