Book Reflection: The Practical Naturalist by Chris Packham

Your favorite civilian natural science book comes with prerequisites: vivid photos from altocumulus clouds to decomposition fungi, key hiding spots of small insects and charismatic critters, and nontechnical but curiosity-provoking descriptions of ecological concepts--all of which fill The Practical Naturalist. Edited by Chris Packham and written by a team of scientists, this book is detailed … Continue reading Book Reflection: The Practical Naturalist by Chris Packham

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The Joy of Journal Articles

Journal articles can be a real challenge to read. I was fortunate through my undergraduate program to read relatively simple plant ecology articles that involved basic statistics and little jargon—whatever jargon there was, the meaning was easy to infer and so did not require a graduate-level understanding. However, not all sciences appeal to logic and … Continue reading The Joy of Journal Articles