Lind Hollow Trail by Winter

Ordinarily, winter in northwest Arkansas is a time of sleet, ice, and bitter wind. We get lots of bitter wind and wet air that sinks deeper into your skin than the dry, snowy cold in the West where I grew up. This year, we have had only a few nights below freezing and plenty more … Continue reading Lind Hollow Trail by Winter


Views of Lake Fort Smith (Part II: Scientist)

There's a phenomenon science students experience. Perhaps there's an inspirational, rare term assigned to it though I do not know what that would be. The landscape is no longer a cohesive environment of greenery and blotchy earth colors punctured by charismatic creatures and dramatic waterfalls. It...becomes millions of things that non-sciency friends rare their eyebrows … Continue reading Views of Lake Fort Smith (Part II: Scientist)

Evil Wasp

Jumanji Experience and Insect Stings According to a Field Entomologist

I had a Jumanji-reminiscent encounter the other day with a wasp. I was trimming some botanical overgrowth at the edge of the property when an over-sized, chattering mosquito darted out from below and approachedĀ in winding circles around my head. No, mosquitoes don't enunciate their buzzing quite so well, so perhaps it was a bee or … Continue reading Jumanji Experience and Insect Stings According to a Field Entomologist

Where To? Grand Tetons

All This “Get Outdoors!” Talk

June is National Great Outdoors Month, June 13th is Get Outdoors Day, and apparently there's a National Trails Day, a National Parks Week, a Fishing and Boating Week...well I haven't traveled anywhere exotic lately, but I grew up on road trips. When I lived in Colorado we usually drove to Utah, Arizona, Nevada and even … Continue reading All This “Get Outdoors!” Talk