Dysautonomia Awareness

Dysautonomia Awareness in 2015

Last year I aggregated what I thought were the most useful, informative social media posts by Dysautonomia International for Dysautonomia Awareness Month. This year their approach was less cue card and more infographic and news--and the advocates did #makenoiseforturquoise, as they like to put it. Dysautonomia, also known as autonomic dysfuction, is the umbrella medical … Continue reading Dysautonomia Awareness in 2015

Noise for Turquoise

Dysautonomia Awareness Month: In Case You Missed It

The master of the brain has many agents reporting from a myriad of stations across all the organ systems. Maybe the master of the brain could be the frontal lobe where all of our more exalted functions, our thoughts, primary reside. However, the frontal lobe would have trouble usurping energy, and even emotional priority, if … Continue reading Dysautonomia Awareness Month: In Case You Missed It