Trending: Mycorrhizae Without Writing “Mycorrhizae”

Mycorrhizal fungi grow in and around plant roots as well as provide a nutrient-exchanging path for different individual plants. Occasionally I'll see some meme or link to a brief YouTube video about these fungi, not that one would recognize the term "mycorrhizal" because it is never used. It's danced around. Sometimes substituted with something in … Continue reading Trending: Mycorrhizae Without Writing “Mycorrhizae”

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Here We Are

Some adjustments need to be made, and one day I'll know more about web designing and get this site looking less I-picked-this-theme-and-you-can-tell-ish. Chestnut Leaf Media is my attempt at a semi-professional blog and portfolio.   It will be a mix of regional news, features, essays, blurbs and photos of whatever is loosely related to my subheading: … Continue reading Here We Are