Black River of the Appalachians

A Mention of Arbor Day

So often at this time of the year I hear about Earth Day. Hippie holiday or educational outreach opportunity, Earth Day is a product of the 1970s and a challenge against poor modern environmental husbandry. Shortly following Earth Day many countries also observe Arbor Day.  It is less popular, celebrated by fewer nations and is … Continue reading A Mention of Arbor Day


The Value of the Earth

My backyard is a jungle. A Vinca minor and Vinca major jungle. All these periwinkles create a pedestrian hazard where if you shuffle your feet just slightly you will likely lodge your toe under the grounded vines and potentially fall on a prickly rose vine, because I have those too—though “vine” may be a misnomer … Continue reading The Value of the Earth

vinca minor common periwinkle

Vinca Menace

A beautiful flower, is it not? The vinca genus, commonly known as periwinkle, appears within the first few weeks of steady spring weather and continues to flower longer than most, even into the summer. It shields soil from erosive disturbances and outcompetes less aesthetically pleasing weeds. It lives across North America in humid climate zones, … Continue reading Vinca Menace