Stigma Stigma: Misadventure in Identifying Plants

Hundreds and perhaps thousands of unidentified plant photos lurk in my hard drive. I've always intended to manage and catalog them, maybe make blogging an excuse to learn the botany world one species at a time. I daresay I've failed and should try harder. One of my earliest photos back in March 2012 includes this … Continue reading Stigma Stigma: Misadventure in Identifying Plants

White-Tailed Deer Fawn

#Project365: May Wild Life

May was a good month to flip open some identification books, open tabs on identification websites, and start labeling organisms. Some were easy to the species, some I was lucky to have evidence to assign by genus or even subfamily. Some I've seen throughout much of my life and everyone seems to know the common … Continue reading #Project365: May Wild Life


Fascination of Plants Day

I found out about it too late.   It was late in the evening of May 18th, and I saw an Annals of Botany Facebook post from the Oxford University Press blog about Fascinating of Plants Day. Many others knew about it, as #FoPD yielded a plethora of tweets. I’ll be more prepared for it … Continue reading Fascination of Plants Day

speedwell image

First Signs of Spring

And this year's the blue ribbon goes to... Persian Speedwell (Veronica persica)! Granted, the first signs of spring depend on where you are when you notice. I was walking my 45 minute trek home from school one afternoon, passing the outskirts of a city park when I saw familiar blue faces feathering the sidewalk edges. … Continue reading First Signs of Spring