Chipmunk in Clover Patch

#Project365: April

Another month of Project365 has gone by, and a little too easily. By that I mean I find more¬†subjects for photos¬†than there are days to take them and time passes swiftly, but I have been putting more time into editing. This is a good thing, as I used to not bother with more than a … Continue reading #Project365: April

Saucer magnolia (Magnolia x soulangeana) flower

#Project365: March

March came with a theme where I live: first fortnight dominated by light snow storms and the second fortnight revealing many spring blooms. Here are some species that entered the Project365 ranks. To think I've been at this for 90 days now--taking a picture and uploading it every day. (Though a few a had to … Continue reading #Project365: March