Film Reflection: Life on Location by BBC Earth

“How do they film that?” I always ask. “How do they coordinate? What are they not showing me?” That is how I watch natural history documentaries in between the “ah! That's so cool!” and “hmm, interesting. I should look that up.” Then one day on Netflix I saw BBC Earth's 2009 Life: On Location, where … Continue reading Film Reflection: Life on Location by BBC Earth

Earthworm Allolobophora chlorotica

Charles Darwin’s Affair with Earth Worms

(Featured image courtesy of Gilles San Martin, Flickr user.) We always attribute On the Origin of Species as Charles Darwin’s profound accomplishment and stride in advancing scientific thought—to include biology in the context of evolution, specifically.  However, the guy kept busy after his most controversial book. He watched dirt form. I began to read a … Continue reading Charles Darwin’s Affair with Earth Worms


The Value of the Earth

My backyard is a jungle. A Vinca minor and Vinca major jungle. All these periwinkles create a pedestrian hazard where if you shuffle your feet just slightly you will likely lodge your toe under the grounded vines and potentially fall on a prickly rose vine, because I have those too—though “vine” may be a misnomer … Continue reading The Value of the Earth