Twelve Sketches and Tutorials From 2016

Reading, drawing, painting, photographing, writing, exercising, gaming--which of these past times do I do? When? How often? How long? It's always a tough decision, but sometimes I get drawing and painting in, and for the sake of visual cataloging, here are twelve examples showing where I'm at skill-wise at the end of 2016. Background note: … Continue reading Twelve Sketches and Tutorials From 2016


Returning to the Artsy Basics

As a kid, as many kids, I was super crafty. I particularly liked making posters by attaching construction paper with drawings or cut outs almost as good as my drawings to make an even bigger view. I was one of those kids the art teachers favored. I was very good for my age. But beyond … Continue reading Returning to the Artsy Basics


The Art of the Fence

Sometimes when sifting through older photos, drawings, and even crafts created as a child my mind drifts into memories they reflect. I grew up in a small town in Colorado and my best friend’s family lived in the country. There we would climb split rail fences in favor of whatever was on the other side. … Continue reading The Art of the Fence