Dictionaries and Eternal Nuances of Pluralization: Octopus

In Nerdfighteria, a virtual land where nerds that have taken a liking to John and Hank Green's vlog community, people refer to angry, YouTube comments as angry--squids? Octopuses? Octopi? Am I remembering this right? The important factor to keep in mind is that even if I go back to earlier vlogs when John addressed trolls … Continue reading Dictionaries and Eternal Nuances of Pluralization: Octopus


Lind Hollow Trail by Winter

Ordinarily, winter in northwest Arkansas is a time of sleet, ice, and bitter wind. We get lots of bitter wind and wet air that sinks deeper into your skin than the dry, snowy cold in the West where I grew up. This year, we have had only a few nights below freezing and plenty more … Continue reading Lind Hollow Trail by Winter

Views of Lake Fort Smith (Part II: Scientist)

There's a phenomenon science students experience. Perhaps there's an inspirational, rare term assigned to it though I do not know what that would be. The landscape is no longer a cohesive environment of greenery and blotchy earth colors punctured by charismatic creatures and dramatic waterfalls. It...becomes millions of things that non-sciency friends rare their eyebrows … Continue reading Views of Lake Fort Smith (Part II: Scientist)

Views of Lake Fort Smith (Part I: Civilian)

Lake Fort Smith is one of the more popular hiking and boating destinations in my area. There the Ozark Highlands Trail, a 218 mile chain of interconnected trails and collectively the second longest in the state (the Ouachita Trail being the longest at 223 miles). They must be growing, because before I checked I could … Continue reading Views of Lake Fort Smith (Part I: Civilian)

Wilson Park: Dogs, Flowers and Fungi (Oh! The Fungi!)

Deep oak and hickory wood laced with purring creeks and rocky rubble beckons me, but most days they must wait, as getting out of town to the nearest decent public hiking area requires twenty minutes--more than one can afford on a working day. Instead, I often opt for a five-minute drive (to avoid crossing a … Continue reading Wilson Park: Dogs, Flowers and Fungi (Oh! The Fungi!)

sea turtle

Mystery of a Newfoundland Leatherback Sea Turtle

In 2006 my dad and I packed our black F-150 and drove a total of 6,000 miles. We took Interstate highways before and after we were in Canada and while in Canada we toured the Atlantic provinces. We barely touched on Newfoundland before we had to start heading back (funding and free time being the … Continue reading Mystery of a Newfoundland Leatherback Sea Turtle

Dysautonomia Awareness

Dysautonomia Awareness in 2015

Last year I aggregated what I thought were the most useful, informative social media posts by Dysautonomia International for Dysautonomia Awareness Month. This year their approach was less cue card and more infographic and news--and the advocates did #makenoiseforturquoise, as they like to put it. Dysautonomia, also known as autonomic dysfuction, is the umbrella medical … Continue reading Dysautonomia Awareness in 2015

Upper Waterton Lake

#Project365: September Road Trip

In September my mom and I took to the road and drove from the southeast end of the Great Plains to Okanagan Valley, the land between the Coastal and Rocky Mountains in the Pacific Northwest. That is a lot of driving and we couldn't spend more than 11 days total when visiting my grandmother, but at … Continue reading #Project365: September Road Trip

Where To? Grand Tetons

All This “Get Outdoors!” Talk

June is National Great Outdoors Month, June 13th is Get Outdoors Day, and apparently there's a National Trails Day, a National Parks Week, a Fishing and Boating Week...well I haven't traveled anywhere exotic lately, but I grew up on road trips. When I lived in Colorado we usually drove to Utah, Arizona, Nevada and even … Continue reading All This “Get Outdoors!” Talk

continent giff

Is Australia a Continent?

This brought up an interesting geography discussion on CPG Grey’s YouTube video. Indeed, what are continents? What this thread elicited were statements on what is conventional in someone’s country. For instance in North America we are taught there are seven continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica. It seems the Aussies, … Continue reading Is Australia a Continent?