Dictionaries and Eternal Nuances of Pluralization: Octopus

In Nerdfighteria, a virtual land where nerds that have taken a liking to John and Hank Green's vlog community, essentially a land of socially-conscientious nerds, come together and refer to angry, YouTube comments as angry--squids? Octopuses? Octopi? Am I remembering this right? The important factor to keep in mind that even if I go back …

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Book Reflection: On Writing Well

It was great; then it wasn't. I have mixed feelings about On Writing Well by William Zinsser. I love the first 94 pages, but the rest far less so. That's a 28 percent good book, and that makes my final three star ratings more than generous. What Zinsser writes in the first 94 pages cater …

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Rewards of Rewriting a Novel

Originally posted on my professional site as a progress post, but also I want it on this blog. After many seasons (nature ones and NaNoWriMo ones), I finally completed a start-to-end rewrite of my fantasy novel, Peregrination. We had many disagreements: I wanted to work on something new, but it wanted me to finalize what …

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Chat in NaNoWriMo World

It is no secret that writers are frequently all-around nerds.  We research as much as we write, though preferably not in the middle of NaNoWriMo, because that's when we're trying to get 50,000 words into our length works of fiction that more often than not are novels. However, sometimes English and linguistic nerdism shows itself …

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NaNoWriMo Banner

10 Novelties About Timmy, the NaNoWriMo Bot

National Novel Writing Month has grown into something special over the years. As far back as 2003 I wrote the NaNo challenge alone.  I love it because momentum is my friend when it comes to fiction, as I have posted before.  At some point in later years NaNo Regions started, connecting wrimos to other wrimos …

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Finally a Successful Rewrite

I have been M.I.A. this month, largely due to laziness and a medical flare, but I shall place blame on Camp National Novel Writing Month, fondly known as Camp NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo is technically in November, but due to its popularity, some people came together and made two months in the spring/summer that have the same …

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writing for universities

Preparing for a career in science writing: Part II

Field biology is a competitive market. Photography is a competitive market. Academia is a competitive market. Science writing is a competitive market. I am sorry, but what is not a competitive market? Should we all be chemical engineers and computer scientists? I am pretty sure if someone had no interest in those industries, any effort would …

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