Trending: Mycorrhizae Without Writing “Mycorrhizae”

Mycorrhizal fungi grow in and around plant roots as well as provide a nutrient-exchanging path for different individual plants.

Occasionally I’ll see some meme or link to a brief YouTube video about these fungi, not that one would recognize the term “mycorrhizal” because it is never used. It’s danced around. Sometimes substituted with something in layman’s terms. But the point is my favorite ecological phenomenon is getting popular! (By some standard.)

Peter Wohlleben, a German forester, has had ample publicity for his upcoming book Hidden Life of Trees, including from The Guardian, the Daily Mail, and the New York Times.

Also of note are biochemical releases from plants that “tell” other plants of their condition, like what WIRED wrote.

Perhaps instead of mentally noting the appearance of these articles in my social media feed, I should simply start aggregating them here.

You never know which little guys are merely the tiniest portion and fruiting body of the “wood wide web” aka mycorrhizal linkages.

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