#Project365: November

November = NaNoWriMo for me, so Project365 became something to simply keep up with, or use the cloudy, rainy weather as an excuse to get some still lifes of the curiosities around the house. However, I did get outside some. In Arkansas, after all, the post-chigger season starts in mid-November. This means one can hike without excessive amounts of bug spray.

306 of 365
What is NaNoWriMo without entering the regional chatroom and have a cat take over the keyboard?
307 of 365
Even at this time of the year, our local multicolored Asian lady beetles (Harmonia axyridis) like to participate in creative endeavors.
327 of 365
My NaNoWriMo region’s municipal liaisons take the elementary school approach to increase participation: stickers! I daresay the colors are complementary to the blue light cast from the computer screen and yellow light cast from the room’s main light fixture.

Frankly, for me the best strategy to completing NaNoWriMo is to constantly alternate sitting with standing, walking, or some form of exercise in between word wars.

One Saturday I went hiking at a reservoir and habitat restoration area. The trail interconnected three loops, one going by a creek and forest, another by caves and the ecotone between forest and grassland, and the third passed a small waterfall and the reservoir.

318 of 365
For years I sought to capture the great blue heron (Ardea herodias). I had my 18-55mm kit lens on when it swept down from the western hills and into a small area between boardwalks. Knowing my luck, I expected it to be long gone by the time I walked over there. Nope! This guy was confident and felt no need to hurry away. I switched to my 55-200mm lens when he got bored of staring at me and half-flew, half-hopped to the other side of the locked dock fence. Then he strutted slowly away, like he was taunting me. I did my best, and with drastic cropping, this is my paparazzi photo.
321 of 365
The waterfall upstream was crowded and this spot was more picturesque anyway.
325 of 365
Bamboo rainbow. I love how subtle and minimalistic photographs of bamboo can be.

I have one more month of Project365!



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