Chat in NaNoWriMo World

It is no secret that writers are frequently all-around nerds.  We research as much as we write, though preferably not in the middle of NaNoWriMo, because that’s when we’re trying to get 50,000 words into our length works of fiction that more often than not are novels.

However, sometimes English and linguistic nerdism shows itself in the chatroom.  Welcome to the world of NaNoWriMo chat.

Cast: Timmy is the quirky robot that keeps track of word wars (by nagging) and does and says random things when you’re not given him commands.  I use Kiryoku as an alias, and the other two nicknames are anonymous writers participating in NaNoWriMo.

Topic: how to pronounce six letters, discussed in 600 words.

Have fun with the transcript!

-> jramoly has joined

Timmy: Magandang tanghali po, jramoly! There is 1 war currently running in this channel:

WordWar Tetris is the best! [10M]: ends in 9 minutes and 14 seconds.

Want to help me write my novel? Add to it with !chainnew (See !help)

Kiryoku: Every time I read your name I think, “Holy jramoly!” I’m pretty sure that’s not how the expression is spelled, but that’s what pops into my head.

Jramoly: That is hilarious. I’ve never head of anyone thinking that before. But it makes sense if you just look at the letters. If it helps, Ramoly rhymes with “Family”.

Kiryoku: Now the image is shattered. Just as well.

Jramoly: 🙂

Timmy: Tetris is the best! [10M]: 5 minutes remaining.

PatrickS: No it’s not! I thought it rhymed with Molly!

!getfor jramoly

Timmy: Timmy gets jramoly the meaning of life.

Jramoly: Nice, Timmy.

Kiryoku: Timmy is on a roll. A will to live and the meaning of life.

Jramoly: Well, not EXACTLY “family”, but it’s closer than either “holy” or “molly”, at leas the way I pronounce them.

PatrickS: Okay. You are going to have to phonetically spell it out.

Kiryoku: Yup.

Jramoly: I guess more “Ram-uh-lee”. I don’t know of a word that rhymes with that, LOL.

Timmy: Tetris is the best [10M]: 1 minute remaining.

Kiryoku: that’s like family. I guess some people say fam-ill-ee though.

Timmy: Tetris is the best [10M]: 5 seconds remaining.

Tetris is the best [10M]: 4 seconds remaining.

Tetris is the best [10M]: 3 seconds remaining.

Tetris is the best [10M]: 2 seconds remaining.

Tetris is the best [10M]: 1 second remaining.

WordWar ‘Tetris is the best [10M]’ is over!

PatrickS: You don’t say it “fam-uh-lee”, do you?

Kiryoku: Yeah.

Jramoly: Umm…yes. Yes, I do.

PatrickS: No. That’s not right.

Jramoly: I mean, you say it quick and all smushed together, so it sounds better.

Kiryoku: says “fam-lee” and “fam-uh-lee” are correct. Not that dictionaries are always correct, but it’s support for my side of the debate. 🙂

PatrickS: !startwar 10 7.5 It’s called family.


Timmy: PatrickS: Your wordwar will start in 7.5 minutes.

Kiryoku: Poor alpaca had a bad haircut.

PatrickS: “Fam-lee” is not right. Where did the “i” go?

Jramoly: In case you are wondering, [name] is disagreeing with me wholeheartedly.

Kiryoku: You know how people like to skip letters when they speak fast.

Jramoly: And in his defense, I teach English to older students because I don’t have to mess with silly things like phonetics.

Timmy: It’s called family. [10M]: Starting in 5 minutes!


Jramoly: His statement is that it technically rhymes with “holy”, but that you have to change the emphasis to the first part of the word, which makes it sort of a long “o” but not.

And I’m a bit freaked out by that picture.

PatrickS: Like the Holy Trinity?

Jramoly: ???

Kiryoku: Is it “RAM-oh-lee”? (capitals for phonetic emphasis).

Jramoly: Yeah, that’s probably closer.

Kiryoku: Do you know the nationality/ethnic origin?

Jramoly: It’s German. I’m sure that originally there was more hacking and coughing involved.

Kiryoku: Yeah, German likes emphasis on first syllabols.

PatrickS: Okay, so I wasn’t completely off. “RAM-il-lee” isn’t it.

Jramoly: Right. 🙂

PatrickS: Whew. I was about to just…

Jramoly: I’m sure you’ve been saying it right all along, although come to think of it, I don’t know I’ve ever heard you try to pronounce it.

PatrickS: !attack

Timmy: Timmy hits PatrickS with gloves for 716 points of damage.

PatrickS: No. I’ve been trying to say ra-MOLE-lee.

Timmy: It’s called family. [10M]: Starting in 5 minutes!


PatrickS: No. Ra-MOL-lee. Rhyming with Molly.

Timmy: Timmy mutters under his breath, “Molly. I just opened a canned base. It’s a menstrual cup. Opened a canned answer again.”

PatrickS: :-O

Kiryoku: I love it when six letters are such a big discussion.




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