Introduction to Soil Science: The Best Way to Put It

Sometimes I read articles and books or watch documentaries and I always wonder what is the best way to translate what I’m learning. I find most of anything in nature and natural sciences (if you care to split those–I don’t, but I understand that they sometimes elicit two different concepts) fascinating beyond measure, like concurrent spiritual enlightenment. Many of my friends that are graduate students who have advanced degrees in the sciences feel the same way: learning is magic.

Unfortunately we, as a species, don’t always automatically appreciate how intricate nature is. Even those of us who do still welcome the simple approach, but it may be hard to explain concepts in a simple manner after the hassle of years of university study and a lifetime of nerdiness.

No need to fear! I found the perfect short article to explain the most important basics of soil science!

Why soil science? Let’s not forget that it’s still 2015, and this is the United Nations International Year of Soils, a year to rejoice in everything there is to appreciate about soil. Considering this article is from a permaculture website, it mentions the sustainable values of soil i.e. the marriage of human livelihood and ecological balance.

Article: Soil Science for Beginners by Aaron Jerad at Permaculture News

Soil Food Web


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