#Project365: October Autumn

As unfortunate as it is, I’m doing a Project365 in a year that happened to have rained a lot early in the year but not later, and I suspect that has led to the drabby autumn scenery. Last year autumn was a blast of rich color. Last year would have been a great year for Project365. Oh well, moving on.

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Once in a while life tosses a leaf perfectly in a sunny gap between tree shadows. Less than once in a while life tosses a burning orange sugar maple (Acer rubrum) leaf with golden and green venation perfectly in a sunny gap between tree shadows.
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I am a fan of catching nature, including physics, in its raw form. Wherever the twigs land is where I take their photo–though sometimes I’ll plan what time of the day I go out. Mostly I take spontaneous walks and if something bears enough aesthetic I take its picture. I like things simple and minimalistic. I suppose that’s my “style” I have discovered during my Project365. More elaborate subjects or alternations just don’t look mine even if they are. However, I do appreciate challenges and changes of pace once in a while, but that isn’t expressed by…Pin oak (Quercus palustric) acorns.
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The Pine Cone Throne. I admit I didn’t look closely, but being that the pines in my area are almost exclusively shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata) I’m willing to bet that is the tree the cone and needles came from. I’d be very surprised if there was loblolly or some exotic pine mixed with the towering shortleaf’s just beyond the image.
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We have a small flock of ornery geese in our neighborhood. They used to mix with the migratory Canada geese, but I don’t think these old guys do that anymore. Not even the mallards hang out with them anymore. One day I hope to have the timing and the right lens to get our pond’s elusive guest, the great blue heron. Until then, I have to walk behind these guys until they leave the road–they have chased people before!
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The power of desaturation and selection: my horse looks clean! He’s in a new pasture now that he’s retired, but on a walk outside the pasture, I discovered this green area–the grass has gone gold, but the clover and mint haven’t! This site had an incredible scent. A handy iPhone doesn’t do the miniature paradise justice but according to my horse, it was definitely a divine meal.

I also found a lot of neat pale green spiders running around in the mint, but I digress. (“I was distracted by Nature,” is what I tell people when I seem overly fascinated with something so “mundane.”)

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Now that this is uploaded I almost want to re-upload it with a mild orange filter. The metal and the forest background both seem cold. On the other hand, how awesome is rust? Just touch up the saturation the slightest bit and you think, “Huh, come to think of it, there’s pink, purple, orange, yellow, blue, white….” It’s a metallic, oxidized rainbow! Another moment when I want to know more about the mystique of chemistry.

By the way, those were “pony”-sized horseshoes–these did not come from my big-hoofed boy! I have no idea where these came from. Sometimes my dad collects random things…and then I think they’re cool…and here we are.

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I’m glad I almost forgot to go for a walk this day! The sun barely cracked over a subdivision fence (that hid a non-existent, yet-to-be-constructed subdivision from a shopping center), so I scurried to place my collection of acorn caps on a lit leaf. One day there may be a townhouse on this site, but to those who wouldn’t know any better, this photo was in a wild meadow.

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