#Project365: August

Still keeping up with taking photos everyday of the year and uploading every week or so.  What?  Project365 requests to upload everyday?  Whoops.  Oh well.  I catch up.  I have a road trip to British Columbia coming up, so not only will I not be uploading everyday but when I do upload I’ll have exotic subjects!  Like mountains!  I miss mountains (I grew up in western Colorado).  Anyway, this blog post have a sample of August’s photographic efforts: namely more summer plants and silly/cute feline-ness.  Sorry.  It happens–pets do things and at this point in my life I have a clowder of mollies!

215 of 365
There’s an area a block from where I live that has a lot of invasive species and general overgrowth. I love silhouettes and leaf veins, so in this case I found the silhouette of a black locust on a kudzu leaf with prominent veins!
224 of 365
…yeah. Sometimes cats are just funny. She had been rolling in the dirt but as the sun advanced she rolled over into the house foundation. Trying to get that last bit of shade!


228 of 365
It’s a hummingbird! It’s a mimicking bee! Nope! It’s a hummingbird clearwing i.e. a moth! A lucky find. I don’t believe I’ve seen these before. Thanks for visiting the garden, fella!
229 of 365
Wanderlust in her dreams….


233 of 365
I look at this and remember the LibriVox recording of “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau. I have a new habit: since photoediting takes time but minimal concentration, I now listen to classics that I’ve never read before; in this case while trying to merge a photo with correct sky exposure and another with correct ground exposure. It’s by no means perfect, but faded tree canopies made the chore meticulous so I give myself a pat on the back.
240 of 365
Some people visit cafes to read or write, but I like the library. Yet, I have not taken pictures at the library before. I plan to have themed week for Project365 and take bibliophilic photos. This is also a composite with an exposure for the windows and an exposure for the seating, though I didn’t take the time to do it well.


241 of 365
Another combination of my favorites: silhouettes and venations. In this case there are two kudzu leaves behind the one exposing the underside veins, creating a band of light. It also made a bit of a blue-yellow contrast.
245 of 365
We had one more surprise lily visit this summer, and I took my reverse lens to it for some macro shots. I found this one humorous because the light ray (which I slightly enhanced) and the anthers stand erect in a line like people. Did I miss the memo? Are we supposed to worship the sun now? Well, I suppose the plants do and have since the dawn of flora.


218 of 365
If chimps and elephants make money as painters, can my cat be an abstract sculpture? She works with all kinds of paper, from tissue to cardboard.



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