#Project365: July

No theme this month. I think it passed creatively dead, though I get luck at time with sweet and silly animal moments. I also visited Saint Louis so I have a few fancy-smancy landscape and botanical images.

188 of 365
I’m not sure what this squirrel was up to, but it seemed to be sucking or licking the underside of that stand during a rainstorm. It reminded me of livestock at a salt block.
193 of 365
Once again, I have NO idea what this critter is up to. I think she wanted to nap in the shelf but kept fumbling on the folders. She eventually slept but in an awkward position.
197 of 365
My dad keeps a quarter collection and in with the American collection–where this Canadian quarter did not belong–was this 2002 women’s Olympic hockey team coin. How awesome of Canada to produce this, both on the hockey level and the women’s athletics level.
199 of 365
The “pagoda” at Forest Park, Saint Louis. A delightful site to hang out if one lived in the area. The parks in my town are noisy and crowded, but Forest Park was spacious and serene. The dragonflies and frogs teased me though. I failed to get their pictures.
200 of 365
We visited the Missouri Botanical Garden during the Lantern Festival. Unfortunately we didn’t stick around to visit at night to see the lanterns doing their job, but the place was as handsome during the day. I was a little kid eagerly visiting every site, taking pictures of the obvious and minute beauties.
201 of 365
I don’t know if this works as a photo or not, but I love the abstract value of it with the folds of vertical light and horizontal refraction. I also see the face of a dragon…or a sock puppet.
210 of 365
On to the retirement pasture: Grampa Quixote is not my horse but he’s sweet and deserves treats. Perhaps one might prefer the image without the fly mask, but I like the quirky, dopey-ness of it. It suits the horse’s personality. My mom also conveniently wore blue and keeps to the color scheme.

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