Free Cornell Lectures at a Computer Near You

I’m not sure what possesses me to search some of the things that I search for on the internet, but one is an exciting discovery and applicable to a studious effort toward the United Nation’s International Year of Soils.

Cornell Transnational Learning: a YouTube channel offering full lectures of semester courses, symposiums, and forums from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

Currently they have playlists for a few agricultural courses, including a semester of soil science! I even have the textbook (thanks to my bizarre inclination to order super cheap textbooks on topics I wasn’t able to squeeze into my university career). I haven’t checked the plant physiology lectures yet, but a friend of mine couldn’t sell her book at a worth-while price, so now I have it–it just might be the supplementary text for the Cornell course.

I don’t know where I first heard the expression, “nerding out,” but I believe this adequately defines my experience with this discovery.

As a tid-bit: soil is not a “thing,” it’s a volume. Rock particles, organic material, living microbes and proportions of air and water all constitute soil, so thus the term “soil” refers to the volume of these constituents.

Pretty cool! Yes, I’m easily amused.


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