#Project365: April

Another month of Project365 has gone by, and a little too easily. By that I mean I find more subjects for photos than there are days to take them and time passes swiftly, but I have been putting more time into editing. This is a good thing, as I used to not bother with more than a default program to touch up the saturation and contrast ever so slightly. Now I’m blending photos, experimenting with custom filters, a few pre-programmed effects in GIMP (the free, open-source “Photoshop” software), sharpening, blurring, and most importantly selecting different parts of the image to receive these effects.

I love how GIMP lets me “toggle” my selection so I’m essentially painting over what I want to be selected. This may seem obvious to some. However, when I took a graphic design course we used more cumbersome selection tools that made the process frustrating. Toggling is like an adult version of a coloring book, only when you untoggle the color disappears and you have your selection. It tickles the child in me pink.

Below I have my favorite six photos from this month.

Moon Wind
Day 95: I had a little trouble with these two shots. Yes, I had the cloud coming in on the right in one photo and the cloud leaving on the left in the other photo. Even though this was on a tripod and I never adjusted the camera, I was in shutter-priority mode so the aperture changed one-stop…so laid on top of each other the tree branches aligned on half the image and not the other. It took some cropping to manually lay different sections in different positions to get it right. I wouldn’t be surprised if I did this the hard way.
Morning Feline Delight
Day 100: I woke up one morning to this delightful creature. She patiently waited for me to get dressed while she basked in the sun. Of course, I got my camera for a session instead of humoring her hunger.
Rose of the Dogwoods
Day 102: A pink variety of flowering dogwood, Cornus florida. I love the arcuate venation of this genus, but I suppose the bright bracts rimming the minute flowers at the center are beautiful too.
Ninja Kitty: Sink
Day 113: What can I say? She is a photogenic feline. The internet is a hub for photos of cats peeking from some hiding place or another. Now I have my own token ninja kitty–not too saw my black cat vanishing in the night save for her green-yellow eyes doesn’t qualify as cat ninjutsu.
Chipmunk in Clover Patch
Day 116:
“Good” story: I got lucky with a cute Eastern chipmunk (Tamias striatus) hopping about in one of the taller clover patches.
Skip if you’re a speciesist…
“Bad” story: my cat herded it there. Granted, mice and chipmunks have similar ecological roles, so it really makes no difference except to our emotions whether a cat eats them or not.
Iris Crown
Day 119: One of my favorite photographers is Jessica Jenney. Lately, she has been producing lovely–but compared to her other works, simple–flower photos. Her pieces often look like incredible paintings. I’m trying to edit my floral images to mimic her techniques. I still have a lot to learn but I’ve seen considerable improvement.

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    This is a new post on my science, nature, and media blog illustrating my latest improvements with digital photography and graphic design. I learned so much in April about photo editing that I feel a tinge of pride with the majority of daily Project365 pictures. The top six survive for this recap post.

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