Project365: February

The first month of Project365, the project of taking and uploading online at least one photo for every day of the year, was a learning experience. Most of my photography, transparent even for this month, includes pet and plant pictures with the occasional obsession with geometry. But I did have the chance to become comfortable with my photoediting software (GIMP, which is free) whereas last month I constantly followed tutorials because I had no idea how to even start altering the images. Now I have a slight idea.

For February I selected six photos that offered either an interesting photo-taking experience or an opportunity to play with the subtle art and science of post-processing.  One photo was neither, but it makes me laugh every time I look at it–I’m easily amused. Take a guess which photo that was.

Day 34
Day 34: My favorite equine antique lamp has accompanied me probably since I was eight years old. Ironically a printed photo of my horse was under it (I flipped it so it’d be visible) and an equine/Old West oil painting at the edge of the background.
Day 36
Day 36: I played (without a macro lens, which I would love to invest in) with condensation on the inside of a water bottle and layered a selection of my horse from another picture.
Day 42
Day 42: In response to a Digital Photography School (a photo community and blog) challenge, I took 10 images within 10 meters and combined them into a collage. As experienced as I am with photoediting, it was took a few tutorials to figure out how to do it.
Day 47
Day 47: For some reason none of my logic-minded friends and family understand this. The cat trotted to the wheel barrow and dug through a thin layer of snow. Then she ran around the backside. Combined with her scraping and the water staining on the wheel barrow, her rump lines up well for an over-sized rat….Simple, but very amusing.
Day 48
Day 48: I love geometry. A few houses down the hill I live on is a house where world-famous architect Fay Jones once lived. A metal sculpture stands by the driveway, and the snow, rust, and vines made for good contrast.
Day 54
Day 54: A rare photo of a not-so-rare incident: two cats trying to fit into one basket. The funny part is the basket is on the left side of the desk, and small cat condo is on the right side. So potentially while working I can be flanked by sleeping cats.
Day 56
Day 56: This red-tailed hawk visits the neighborhood now and then, but I never have the right lens that day or it hides behind branches that I can’t maneuver around. This time I caught it, but even so I had to crop to zoom in even more. Oh well. At least I got it. At least the camera retained data even though the original image featured an almost-black hawk.



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