A Farmer’s Life for Me

According to Mother Nature Network:

Modern Farmer beat out Vanity Fair, GQ and New York Magazine to win a National Magazine Award.”

A lot of someones must be subscribing to Modern Farmer to turn it into a prestigious publication!

Bumpers College Courtyard
The nicest places on campuses tend to be paid for by agricultural college funds. At my school this garden and courtyard was the only green and solitary area without driving down the road to the Farm.

Those someones are likely young adults in their 20s and 30s. This makes sense to me because I took my communication classes through my university’s agricultural college, which has seen a lot of growth in recent years—enough to make administrators and academics alike hoot with pride—and may have a lot to do with food, health and environmental trends. However, talk to the students and they will usually talk about camaraderie: agriculture colleges tend to be small, close-knit and foster a lax yet productive atmosphere. Yes, I smelled that sweet atmosphere. Unfortunately I didn’t get that whiff until my senior year.

Some of you may have heard about agriculture mentoring programs. So we have government incentives, eager farmers-to-be and the actual farmers trying to improve the industry’s future. Why sell your land and investments to a corporation when you can keep them with another passionate individual? Or, as I’ve seen when I volunteer places or in my internship, why pass up an extra, dedicated hand who you don’t have to pay?

I romanticize this situation quite a bit. Sometimes I wish I didn’t want to hike

Fencing shadow by arena
The simple things are the most beautiful on a farm: wooden fencing, squishy grass, and cool shadows. It all comes with the fresh air.

and write all over the place, because otherwise my main interest is a simple, country lifestyle with hard, physical labor. My dad has been a mason, construction worker, contractor and handyman, so something about physical labor makes me long for the days I would help my dad and earn a bakery-fresh croissant or a new Beanie Baby (the only collection I ever had that didn’t involve hoarding office supplies). During those days I also did 4-H with my best friend, so by extension I think of camaraderie and Colorado, where I grew up.

Like a true Coloradoan, I love dirt. While, yes, modern agriculture utilizes large motorized equipment, farmers are still subjected to a lot of dirt. Dirt and sweat seems to be a precursor to pride. That might be the sunlight, too, with all the happy mood-supporting Vitamin D you generate when outside. Endorphins generated by the exercise involved with handling large animals or fixing tractors also produce chemically-defined happiness. Our bodies evolved to endure physical trials and survive the elements, so there is something homely about activating our primal traits by day and rest in modern delights by night.

Am I crazy or does the life of a farmer just seem more real?

Manuel Barn
The backside of the barn at Manuel Farm, where I currently indulge any of my country lifestyle inclinations.

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