Solar Cell Efficiency and Zinc Oxide

Solar-Cell story clipping
LiveScience is the first non-university (and non-Wordpress) venue I have been published. Allow me to gloat for a short post…or explore the links to find other interesting articles.

I contributed to an article featured at!

I’m excited about it since it is a product from my internship and the people I work with were encouraging, and the editor from LiveScience sounds pleased in his correspondence emails.

Normally I consider myself a natural historian. I love the natural sciences in general and a few select social sciences and humanities (just so that I can include journalism, history, human geography, sociocultural anthropology and nature-y fine art–that’s it!) but in the few weeks at my internship I have written news releases about biomedical engineering and photovoltaic cells (solar power) that makes me appreciate the “gray” or industrialized applied sciences. Maybe soon I won’t stereotype engineering as anything to do with gray metals.

Here’s the link to the article:

Higher Solar-Cell Efficiency Achieved with Zinc-Oxide Coating

On a side note, I will be contributing to my university’s research blog every Friday at Research Frontiers. I wrote the first one as a general introduction, as I am the only intern among several professional (and full-time) science communicators. If you’re curious and not irked by excitable, somewhat shameless self-promotion, my first post is here.

Research Frontiers Blog screenshot
My supervisor wanted a snap shot of me in my “habitat.” While my mom gets paid to work in a cubicle, I have a large office room with a large (sumo!) desk.

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