Call of the Tractor

Imported from university electronic communications course blog.

There is a lot of commotion on a farm. If the livestock is not calling for your attention, then the insects are announcing their feast on your crops. Perhaps the irrigation system needs mechanical attention. However, there is one sound you do not want to silence: the tractor.

Telematics allows communication between farmers, equipment dealers, and equipment. If your tractor stops its normal grumble and it has a software problem, telematics allows the dealer and the farmer to know exactly what went wrong. Better yet, it allows the dealers to remotely fix what went wrong. That saves the farmer the wrong kind of downtime that would require driving off the farm and to the dealer to report the problem, let alone the inconvenience of arranging someone to come to the farm and fix the tractor.

Telematics does not just tell you what is wrong after the fact. It can log your tractors’ work hours, amount of fuel left, and wherein your field it continues to do its job. Grain cart almost full? It can tell the combine when that happens. The worker can know which of the grain carts needs unloading first.

The other last commotion a farmer wants to hear is his or her own exasperation when things go wrong. With this technology, perhaps that exasperation will be saved for the household.

Feature photo courtesy of Duncan Brown Cradlehall


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