Mongolia Trivia

Man, I did not expect to take this long to type a new post. But sometimes that’s how things go.

Originally I thought it would be fun to chronical chronicle (seriously?) various plant genera as they spurt from the ground or bloom and leaf for the first time of the year. But first I must address something awesome that I found last week.

In my personal time I like to write fiction, particularly stories taking place in pseudo Japanese, Mongolian or Native American societies. I also like strong female leads. What is a good, feudal-era fantasy without raptor familiars? Enter an ideal writing prompt: Mongolian girls taking over their brothers’ traditional roles as eagle hunters.

The sons are not interested in hunting or have other obligations (this article mentions a military draft), so the fathers turn to their 13-year-old daughters. Many falconers start when they are 13 as this is usually when the handler has grown enough to support an eagle’s weight on their forearm. They also roam the country on horseback.

The article has stellar photos of one Kazakh girl and her eagle. They are one of 250 partnerships in Mongolia.

Next time I’ll share some of the plants I’ve seen as the greenery returns to my area!


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