More Sony: The Consumer DSLR

Imported from university electronic communications course blog.

I have a Nikon that, if it was not Thanksgiving week and the new model was coming out, would have cost close to $800. As a general rule, consumer-level (non-professional) digital SLRs are less than $1,000.

I have said previously that a major spec distinguishing consumer cameras from professional is the image sensor, and that is what is unique about Sony’s new line–professional sized sensors for consumer-sized cameras, with a compromise on the price.

On the consumer dSLR level, there is no compromise. For the Canon Rebel line or the Nikon 3000s/5000s/7000s the sensors are APS-C, or Advanced Photo System film specification. Even though these are digital cameras, oftentimes labels remain from the film age. Sony’s NEX-3N has the same sized sensor on a 1/4 size of the body, 85 percent lighter, and even $50 to $250 cheaper than the lowest end consumer dSLR from Canon or Nikon.

Granted, this does not address lens price or weight. It will be interesting to see what kinds of lenses the smaller Sony’s use. It might be awkward for such a small camera to hold up the same large lenses the other dSLRs use. I might address that in the future, but next week I want to read up on professional dSLRs. Then I will move on to other topics.


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