Here We Are

Some adjustments need to be made, and one day I’ll know more about web designing and get this site looking less I-picked-this-theme-and-you-can-tell-ish.

Chestnut Leaf Media is my attempt at a semi-professional blog and portfolio.   It will be a mix of regional news, features, essays, blurbs and photos of whatever is loosely related to my subheading: biology, geography, horses, and media.  I’m essentially a natural history farm kid that loves communicating those interests.  Be prepared though: since this blog doubles as a portfolio/media-file-storage-virtual-facility there will be inconsistencies in the blog’s language.  Fear not, I will get separate pages on the menu for the different genres.

Chestnut Leaf Media logo
Preliminary logo until I learn Adobe Illustrator to make something professional.

That said, why call this site Chestnut Leaf Media?  It is something like Mount Midoriyama for those who watch obstacle course competitions on TV.  “Mount” and “yama” mean the same thing in different languages.  “Leaf” and “media” share a historical symbolism.  A leaf of paper is a form of media, even though the Internet is more of a figurative leaf of paper.  Chestnut has a double meaning: chestnut trees and chestnut horses.  I love plants and horses, and the word “chestnut” names a certain type of tree and color of horse.  The combo “chestnut leaf” is also symbolic of the American chestnut, which was almost obliterated by the chestnut blight, and its story has been told in almost every ecology class.

So here we are.  You know what this blog will consist of and how it got its name.  Hopefully I will post consistently.  I will aim for once a week, but blurbs (or perhaps random almost-gibberish comments or photos) may appear if inspiration strikes more often.

Caution: NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, starts in November.  November just might be a genuine blog…about the traumas of novel rewriting.  Good luck to anyone who bears with me.


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