Coke and Tomato Conundrum of the Crustacean World

Imported from first blog: Peregrination Notebook.

Depending on your region or your affiliation with people from certain regions, you may call a certain carbonated beverage by different names.  Notable examples include soda, soda pop, pop, coke, and cola.  When something is called more than one thing and someone gets tired of keeping track, they may say, “Toe-MAY-toe, Toe-MAH-toe”–I could write “Tomato, tomato,” but how would you know how to pronounce the two words?

Having retrieved my computer mouse from my cat (yes, she jumps on the desk and shoves it around), I can introduce the third member of the naming conundrum.  I found the map below on the NaNoWriMo Facebook page, but apparently, they got it from Business Insider.  I found it curious how in Arkansas I heard this crustacean call “crawdad” but in Colorado, it was “crawfish”. A lot of people from the Midwest live in Arkansas, so mayhap that’s where I heard of “crayfish”?  Are there even more common names for it?  What do you call it?

Crawfish alternate names
Crustacean lingo in the continental United States.

For those who happen to not know, this is a crawfish, and they are common stream dwellers across the world:

Three-inch crawfish from West Virginia

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